Sweatin' Like a Sinner in Church - Pre-Order RTS 1/12/2021 Screen Print Transfer

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Pre-Order RTS 1/12/2021

Sweatin' Like a Sinner in Church - Screen Print Transfer

  • Made with Plastisol Ink on Hot Peel Transfer Paper
  • Pressing Instructions will be provided with your order.

VERY IMPORTANT - What each Transfer Type Means when selecting your product

"Basic" - These are made with everyday Plastisol Ink. They can be pressed on 100% Cotton, Blends, and 100% Polyester. They can not be pressed on anything that has a high Nylon and/or Rayon count.

"Retro" - These are made with inks that are not as opaque as the basic blend. If you press a white transfer on a blue shirt, some of the blue will show through. That is the purpose of these transfers though, to give it a "worn retro look". These are also much softer and lighter than the basic blend. They can be pressed on 100% Cotton and Blends that Cotton is the primary fiber. Example - 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester *Great* 60% Polyester and 40% Cotton **No Go!**. It's just the way the inks are formulated. Sure, your transfer may actually press on the tee, but it will not stay, and it might just melt and not adhere to the tee at all.

Size - The option you are picking is the WIDTH of the design.

9" x 11"

Shipping -

  • Transfers are mailed in Heavy Flat Cardboard Envelopes with Tracking Included.
  • Transfers are mailed in 1-3 Business Days of close of Pre-Order date.
  • If you are also buying RTS / In Stock items, please make a separate order or else they will ship at the same time as the Pre-Orders do.

Mockups without our watermark are available in our Facebook Group <see link below>

Transfers are for Personal and Commercial Use. You may sell finished products with the transfers already applied, stand alone transfers should not be resold. They may be destashed, but wholesale & resale sellers need to contact us beforehand.

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